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Administering Guillain Barré Medications

January 02, 2012 · No Comments

IV medications in SCGuillain Barré is a disease triggered by an autoimmune reaction and affecting the peripheral nerve system. Guillain Barré treatment mostly consists of reducing the symptoms of the disease, managing possible complications, with the hopes of eventually shortening the disease and speeding up recovery, since no real cure for this disease exists yet.

Guillain Barré treatment is best done with immunotherapy. Immunotherapy consists of plasma exchange (the technical term being plasmapheresis) and high-dose immunoglobulin therapy (IVIg or intravenous injection of gamma globulin) at a hospital or infusion center licensed in administering IV medications in SC. Plasmapheresis therapy is basically replacing the plasma in patient's blood with an artificial solution. With IVIg therapy, immunoglobulins are injected into the blood stream to block the antibodies, and to stop further inflammation.

One of the most important forms of Guillain Barré treatment is to maintain the body functions of the patient during the time needed for his nervous system to recover. Even though most of the patients regain most of the body functions they have lost in one year, around three percent of patients suffer from chronic Guillain Barré syndrome forever.

At Palmetto Infusion our highly-trained patient care team provides personalized attention for each individual with easy scheduling and genuine hospitality. We are licensed to administer any IV medications in SC that your physician has ordered for you. With our commitment to quality, our individualized care, and our clinical excellence, Palmetto Infusion offers a convenient, safe alternative for specialty drug infusion.

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