What To Expect at Infusion Therapy

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Conway SC infusion therapySo your doctor has talked with you and written you a prescription for you to receive infusion therapy. If you’ve not visited the infusion center you’ll want to do that prior to your arrival for Conway SC infusion therapy. Make a list of questions that pertain to your condition and be sure to ask your healthcare practitioner.

When you prepare for your first Conway SC infusion therapy be sure to follow these guidelines:

1.    Follow pre-infusion instructions. Check with your healthcare practitioner or the staff at the infusion center for any pre-infusion instructions.
2.    Drink plenty of water to be sure you are well hydrated. If you have a heart condition, kidney condition or any other health condition that prevents you from drinking large amounts of fluid, check with your healthcare practitioner for instructions on how to hydrate before your infusion procedure.
3.    Check with the infusion staff regarding any pre-medications you need to take prior to your infusion, the dose, and the best time to take the medications.
4.    Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. Every infusion center is different, so check with yours in regard to what to expect. Wearing loose fitting clothes allows the medical staff to easily and properly monitor your vital signs.
5.    Consider wearing clothing with layers to allow for temperature control. The temperature of the infusion center may be cool or warm; also some intravenous infusions can make you feel either warm or cool. Having layers of clothing allows you the flexibility to easily control your comfort zone.
6.    Most infusion centers will provide blankets, pillows, water and coffee. Check to see what the center provides in case they do not offer something that will make you more comfortable.
7.    Do not wear any fragrance or perfume, other patients may be allergic.
8.    Bring a complete list of current medications, allergies, and emergency contact information for the infusion staff to add to your chart.

If you are scheduled to come for Conway SC infusion therapy don’t hesitate to call us at Palmetto Infusion with any questions you might have prior to your arrival.

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Infusion Services in Florence, SC

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Florence SC infusion therapyInfusion therapy involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter. It is prescribed when a patient’s condition is so severe that it cannot be treated effectively by oral medications. There is a full range of diseases that commonly require infusion therapy. Among those are infections that are unresponsive to oral antibiotics, cancer and cancer-related pain, dehydration, gastrointestinal diseases or disorders that prevent normal functioning of the gastrointestinal system, and more. Other conditions treated with specialty infusion therapies may include cancers, congestive heart failure, Crohn's Disease, hemophilia, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Palmetto Infusion offers people requiring infusion services Florence SC infusion therapy on an outpatient basis. For individuals requiring long-term infusion therapy, inpatient care is no longer practical due to it being so expensive and it also prevents people from being able to continue a normal lifestyle and their work activities. With our Florence SC infusion therapy services you can receive your infusions in our conveniently located outpatient infusion suites and return home or to work afterwards. For many patients, receiving treatment in an outpatient infusion suite setting is preferable to inpatient care.

When you come to us for Florence SC infusion therapy you can rest assured our infusion nurses have special education, training and expertise in the administration of drugs and biologics via infusion. Services they typically provide include evaluation and assessment, education and training for the patients and caregivers, catheter insertion, and patient assessment.

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New MS Treatment

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Columbia SC infusion servicesResearch studies reviewing the use of Tysabri as a new treatment for multiple sclerosis has been met with success. Tysabri is the brand name for natalizumab developed by Biogen Idec and Elan Pharmaceuticals and has been shown to have significant success with relapsing multiple sclerosis. This is one of the many drugs used by the Columbia SC infusion services at Palmetto Infusion.

In one of these studies a group of patients were given a regimen of 30 doses and then asked to stop taking the medication. This independent study followed 23 individuals for 14 months after they had stopped taking Tysabri to see if there were any signs of relapse. Tests included measuring the immune activity in both the bloodstream and the spinal fluid of each patient along with periodic MRI scans. Surveys were taken to test the effect of this new medication regarding the occurrence of relapse episodes. The study found that at 14 months most of the patients were stable with no signs of new clinical disease activity, immune activity or MRI activity.

In the second study on this new treatment for MS conducted by Biogen, 596 people were placed on Tysabri and 311 were placed on a placebo to test the drug prior to its acceptance by the FDA. The progression of the disease was tracked by ongoing examinations involving fluid samples and MRIs of test patients. Of the 596 on Tysabri approximately 64% were found to be free of any signs of clinical disease activity, while only 39% of those on the placebo show this. According to testing done by MRI 58% of those on the medication versus 14% of those on the placebo were free of any MRI detectable activity. Summing it up and collating the data the breakdown looks like this, 37% of those on the new medication showed no disease activity as compared to 7% of those on the placebo.

The results of these studies were key in obtaining FDA approval of this drug. Columbia SC infusion services like Palmetto Infusion are now able to administer Tysabri to patients when prescribed by a doctor.

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Administering Guillain Barré Medications

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IV medications in SCGuillain Barré is a disease triggered by an autoimmune reaction and affecting the peripheral nerve system. Guillain Barré treatment mostly consists of reducing the symptoms of the disease, managing possible complications, with the hopes of eventually shortening the disease and speeding up recovery, since no real cure for this disease exists yet.

Guillain Barré treatment is best done with immunotherapy. Immunotherapy consists of plasma exchange (the technical term being plasmapheresis) and high-dose immunoglobulin therapy (IVIg or intravenous injection of gamma globulin) at a hospital or infusion center licensed in administering IV medications in SC. Plasmapheresis therapy is basically replacing the plasma in patient's blood with an artificial solution. With IVIg therapy, immunoglobulins are injected into the blood stream to block the antibodies, and to stop further inflammation.

One of the most important forms of Guillain Barré treatment is to maintain the body functions of the patient during the time needed for his nervous system to recover. Even though most of the patients regain most of the body functions they have lost in one year, around three percent of patients suffer from chronic Guillain Barré syndrome forever.

At Palmetto Infusion our highly-trained patient care team provides personalized attention for each individual with easy scheduling and genuine hospitality. We are licensed to administer any IV medications in SC that your physician has ordered for you. With our commitment to quality, our individualized care, and our clinical excellence, Palmetto Infusion offers a convenient, safe alternative for specialty drug infusion.

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Insulin Infusion Therapy

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South Carolina infusion therapyInsulin infusion (also known as insulin pump therapy) has eliminated the need for painful, frequent and invasive injections for tens of thousands of Type 1 diabetics.

Those with Type I diabetes must use manufactured insulin delivered through the skin directly into the body. Before the development of South Carolina infusion therapy by the insulin pump, the only way to deliver the hormone was by injecting it into the blood via a needle. Patients had to test their blood throughout the day, usually by pricking a finger and applying a droplet of blood to a test strip.

The development of insulin infusion makes delivery of this critical hormone easier and less prone to human error and the pitfalls of guesswork. South Carolina infusion therapy takes place through the use of an insulin pump.

Blood glucose levels must still be checked regularly. But the need for manual needle injections of insulin is eliminated with the use South Carolina infusion therapy through a pump.

Insulin infusion for Type I diabetes is a relatively new technology, but is rapidly gaining acceptance in the medical community for its numerous advantages, which include ease of administration and better control over dosage level.

Insulin pumps have frequently proved themselves to be life-saving devices, especially in children, and they are slowly becoming recognized as a legitimate and necessary form of Type I diabetes treatment rather than merely devices of convenience.

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Receive Your Infusion Services Safely

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Pawleys Island infusion servicesAn increasing numbers of people are receiving infusion therapy at home — a trend that is putting patients at greater risk of infection — and placing a huge burden on families, according to research presented at the CDC's 4th Decennial International Conference on Nosocomial and Healthcare-Associated Infections held in Atlanta.

The number of patients receiving care at home has risen dramatically over the past decade, the CDC report says. An estimated 8 million Americans received home care in 1996, based on the most recent data available. Nearly 10% of home care patients had an invasive medical device that is typically used in other, more structured health care settings like our Pawleys Island infusion services facility.

Preliminary investigations have revealed a very diverse industry, says William Jarvis, MD, chief of investigation and prevention branch for the CDC's hospital infections program. In some instances, the home health company just delivers supplies to the front porch and family members provide therapy. Five to seven years ago, maybe two companies looked like they were going to dominate the market. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of companies that are providing home infusion therapy.

In the course of monitoring his own patients, Charles Ericsson, MD, head of clinical infectious diseases at the University of Texas School of Medicine in Houston, says "The whole concept places a physician like myself in a very awkward position of having the same responsibility for the patient but no way to monitor the patient. I typically insist that the patient get back and see me once a week if they're on four or five more weeks of IV therapy, so I can monitor the site of the line myself because not all nurses are created equal and they sometimes miss symptoms that may be more subtle clues."

To help consumers maintain their health and good-quality care, physicians are strongly encouraging their patients to visit centers like Palmetto Infusion where all of their prescribed Pawleys Island infusion services can be handled safely and with care.

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Treating Lupus

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Columbia SC infusion therapyLupus is the common name for systemic lupus erythematosus, also called SLE. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body's natural defense system attacks its own tissues instead of attacking foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. This causes inflammation that in turn results in swelling, pain, and tissue damage throughout the body. If you develop severe lupus, you may have problems with your kidneys, heart, lungs, nervous system, or blood cells.

Some people with lupus have mild symptoms, but the disease is lifelong and can become severe. Most people can control their symptoms and prevent severe damage to their organs. They do this by having regular checkups, getting enough rest and exercise, and taking prescribed medicines. Palmetto Infusion can assist with your Columbia SC infusion therapy.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is the most common and most serious type of lupus. But there are four other types of lupus: discoid or cutaneous lupus, drug-induced systemic lupus, neonatal lupus, and subacute cutaneous lupus.

Your treatment choices for lupus depends on how severe your symptoms are, whether your organs are affected, and how much your symptoms are affecting your daily life. Your treatment plans should be tailored to your individual needs and will change over time, as the disease flares or ebbs. Columbia SC infusion therapy is handled with the greatest attention to your comfort at Palmetto Infusion.

For more severe cases of lupus, treatment may include higher-dose corticosteroids, either in pills or by injection and medicines that suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants). We are able to administer any Columbia SC infusion therapy you are prescribed by your doctor.

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RA and Infusion Therapy

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Beaufort SC infusion servicesRheumatoid arthritis is a chronic arthritis that occurs in joints on both sides of the body simultaneously such as hands, wrists, or knees. This symmetry helps distinguish rheumatoid arthritis from other types of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis affects about 1% of the population in this country.

In addition to affecting the joints, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect the skin, eyes, lungs, heart, blood, or nerves. For some people, joint symptoms develop gradually over several years. In others, rheumatoid arthritis may progress rapidly and while other people may have rheumatoid arthritis for a limited period of time and then enter a period of remission.

Treatments include medications, rest and exercise, and surgery to correct damage to the joint. The type of treatment will depend on several factors including the person's age, overall health, medical history, and severity of the arthritis. Beaufort SC infusion services are able to administer any required medications.

There are also many strong medications called disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Abatacept is a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug, which means it slows the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

Abatacept may be used alone or in combination with other DMARDs such as methotrexate. Abatacept improves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in people who have not been helped by other medicines. Abatacept has proven to slow the progression of joint damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have also shown that people had better physical function after treatment with abatacept at Beaufort SC infusion services.

At Beaufort SC infusion services abatacept is given by an injection into a vein. An IV is inserted into your arm and the medicine is given slowly. An infusion takes about 30 minutes.

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Iron Replacement Therapy

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Florence SC infusion servicesIron deficiency anemia is one of the most common anemia that occurs when you do not have enough iron in your body. When this happens, your body is unable to produce hemoglobin, which transports oxygen to your cells.

Treatment for iron deficiency anemia focuses on increasing your iron stores to reach normal levels and identifying the condition that caused the anemia. If your anemia is caused by a disease or condition, such as bleeding in your stomach, your doctor will take steps to correct the problem. If it is caused by not having enough iron in your diet or not able to absorb iron, your doctor will work with you to develop a plan to increase your iron levels.

Taking iron supplement pills and eating iron-rich foods will correct most cases of iron deficiency anemia. You usually take iron pills 1 to 3 times a day. Most people start to feel better within a few days of beginning treatment.

You may need to have iron replacement shots if you have an iron absorption problem and are not able to increase your iron levels by taking pills or increasing the amount of iron in your diet. You may need these shots throughout your life. Florence SC infusion services is one of the places where you can obtain these shots on a ongoing basis.

If your anemia is severe, your doctor may send you to Florence SC infusion services for intravenous infusion to correct your anemia quickly and then have you start on iron supplement pills and a diet high in iron. Usually, people can eliminate iron deficiency anemia by taking iron as pills or shots and adding iron in their diet.

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You'll be pleased. We're sure of it!

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Columbia SC infusion therapyPalmetto Infusion Services was founded in South Carolina with the intent to provide patients who have chronic diseases like MS, RA, Crohn's Disease, Colitis, Lupus, CDIP, and many others, a safe, convenient, and affordable place to get their required treatment. Their hope is to help people to be able to do more and enjoy all that life has to offer after obtaining their Columbia SC infusion therapy.

Patients receive their prescribed drugs and personalized care from registered nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, physicians, and other nurturing and caring team members. This Columbia SC infusion therapy has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective method for the patients.

Appointments are made without much waiting time. We have a very highly-trained patient care team that provides that extra, genuine Southern hospitality. You’ll receive comforting support to reduce any anxiety. We will do exactly the type of Columbia SC infusion therapy that your doctor prescribes.

Your infusion will be done in a suite that provides warm, comforting elements including comfortable chairs with personal blankets, Wi-Fi, snacks, and a TV. You’ll find it to be quite comfortable. Our advanced, superior equipment is required to ensure high infusion results with optimum therapy outcomes. We prove our commitment to quality, individualized care, and clinical excellence on an ongoing basis. We can assure you that you will be satisfied with the therapy you receive from us at Palmetto Infusion Services.

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