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Myrtle Beach infusion servicesOur Myrtle Beach infusion services provide a comfortable, supportive atmosphere for our patients and their families. Infusion treatments are administered in our convenient and private outpatient facility. Scheduling is flexible to ensure that patients have easy access to the care they need. Patients can receive a wide range of Myrtle Beach infusion services, including chemotherapy, intravenous infusions, immune therapies, fluid therapy, and daily antibiotics.

All of our nurses are oncology-certified to administer chemotherapy. A clinical pharmacist, technician, the Infusion Center director and a nurse are available during daily clinical hours to take care of medication-related issues such as side effects, dosage changes and medication changes.

Our Myrtle Beach infusion services include:

•    Hydration: Parenteral fluid and electrolyte therapy is provided to patients at risk for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
•    Infectious disease: Antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral therapies are used to treat individuals with diseases such as, but not limited to, osteomyelitis, endocarditis, Lyme disease, cellulitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, HIV and cystic fibrosis.
•    Chemotherapy: Cancer patients may receive chemotherapeutic medications at frequent intervals in a clinical setting.
•    Catheter management: Services include declotting all devices, insertion of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters, peripheral access catheters, Mid Line catheters, and the repair of Hickman catheters, if necessary.
•    Specialized infusions: Special therapies include intravenous gamma globulin, deferoxamine, pamidronate, Zometa, prolastin, infliximab and other monoclonal antibody therapies.

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Five Devices That Improved the Medical Field

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Charleston SC infusion servicesPalmetto Infusion Services provides the highest quality, state-of-the art Charleston SC infusion services for our patients and families, taking into consideration not only response to treatment but also quality of life.

Every day the field of medicine becomes steadily more sophisticated and efficient at saving lives. Over the history of medicine, many instruments have come along that completely changed the scope of medical practice. Following are 5 devices that changed the medical field and improved medicine.

1.    The Doppler Fetal Monitor

This hand held ultrasound tranducer detects the heartbeat of a fetus in prenatal care, using the Doppler effect to present an audible simulation of a heart beat.

2.    Heart Lung Machine

Medically referred to as the CPB pump, this machine takes over the patient's heart and lung capacities to maintain the circulation and proper oxygen levels in the body. It is used during surgery, creating a form of extracorporeal circulation.

3.    EKG

This device provides a digital interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over time, monitored and externally recorded through the skin. It's a non-evasive means of measuring the heart's health for any discrepancies and weaknesses in the heart muscle.

4.    Infusion Pump

This device delivers fluids, medication and other nutrients into a patient's circulatory system. It's most often used intravenously and is one of the Charleston SC infusion services we offer at Palmetto Infusion Services. An infusion pump ensures that a patient is getting a regular supply of fluids, medication or food, removing the need for regular feedings or medication times from a nurse.

5.   Electronic Medical Records

The most recent renovation in medical equipment, electronic medical records are revolutionizing the way information is shared between doctors and patients and from doctor to doctor.

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