Where to Obtain Spartanburg Infusion Therapy for RA

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If you’re someone that has rheumatoid disease and requires regular infusions to control your condition we have some good news for you. Palmetto Infusion Services is opening infusion centers all along the coastal region of North and South Carolina. With the addition of the Spartanburg infusion therapy clinic we’ll be reaching even more people requiring infusion services.

Spartanburg infusion therapyThere are many medications called disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) that are used to treat rheumatoid disease. DMARDs are known to slow the progression of rheumatoid disease. Some of these medications are used alone and others are used in combination with other DMARDs such as methotrexate.

In addition to administering DMARD’s we also provide infusion therapy of the newest group of RA drugs called biologic response modifiers or biologics. Many people that have not responded to the DMARD drugs are responding positively to the biologics. Biologics have been shown to help slow progression of rheumatoid disease when all other treatments have failed to do so. Aggressive rheumatoid disease treatment is positively demonstrating its use in preventing long-term disability.

Biologics are genetically engineered proteins derived from human genes. They are designed to inhibit specific components of the immune system that play pivotal roles in fueling inflammation, which is a central feature of RA. Biologics are used to treat moderate to severe rheumatoid disease that has not responded adequately to other treatments. They differ significantly from traditional drugs used to treat rheumatoid disease in that they target specific components of the immune system instead of broadly affecting many areas of the immune system. Biologics may be used alone but are commonly given along with other medications.

If you are looking for a Spartanburg infusion therapy clinic where you can receive your rheumatoid disease injections, no matter what the type, give us a call at 800-809-1265 or stop by to talk to us.

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