"The complete staff is totally capable and desirous of making my infusion treatment a complete and enjoyable experience.  They go above and beyond to please me personally."
Martha M.
"Services here at Palmetto has a wonderful staff, homelike atmosphere that makes the patients feel more at home.  The staff takes really good care of their patients to make sure they receive the extra care they need.  Services would definetly be a plus if recommended.  We appreciate doing business with a staff that take pride in rendering help and providing such great services."
The Pearsons
"Because of Jessica Trotter, she makes your infusion time enjoyable."
Marlys L.
"The services I have received at Palmetto Infusion have been handled with professionalism and caring.  I have been coming for seven years and have never had a problem or been disappointed.  There is not a turnover of nurses which indicates a good working relationship between the professionals.  This is expressed in an atmosphere of warm and caring."
Sallie M., patient for 7 years
"REMEMBER WHEN a smile, a kind voice, and "how are you" was part of getter better? These really are the nurses of Palmetto Infusion Services."Richard M., patient for 5 years
"Palmetto Infusion delivers medical services in a professional and friendly manner.  I have been a patient since 2003 and am being treated for ulcerative colitis.  This requires regular visits that have all been handled by an excellent, well trained and caring staff.  From the physicians, to nurses, and the pharmacists, to the receptionists, all have been open about my questions, caring about my procedure, outgoing and sincere.  They go out of their way to make all patients feel welcome and are treated as friends rather than patients.  I would highly recommend their services and the high attention to patient care of the nursing staff."
Daniel A., patient for 8 years
"The staff, especially the nurses, at Palmetto Infusion Services are considerate professionals.  They are amazing, loving individuals who genuinely care about the patients.  I wouldn't go anywhere else for my infusions."Shaida B.
"In 2009, I learned I would need monthly infusions to treat a heart condition.  Upon being given several choices of facilities, I chose Palmetto Infusion Services.  What a great decision!  They have a wonderful, professional, caring staff and I've never regretted my decision - they are they best." Phyliss H.
"When I first decided to have infused therapy, I was very apprehensive.  The very capable staff at Palmetto Infusion Services chnaged those feelings.  Their conscientious nursing staff is very qualified; monitoring your treatment constantly.  The clinic is a comfortable and welcoming facility.  I have been their patient for 3 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else to receive my treatment.  The knowledge of the entire staff is a huge asset when considering my infused therapy."Valerie H.
I wanted to take the time to compliment an employee of Palmetto Infusion in your pre-certification department. Her name is Ann Smith. Ann had to persevere to get the documentation as well as understand the BCBS of MA requirements for Remicade in a very tight time frame due to my employment status. She was considerate as well as gracious throughout the process. I admire her ability to face the challenge. Thank you for your time and ability to hire excellent employees.
Debra H.
I love getting my Remicade here at Palmetto Infusion. The atmosphere is so very homey. Jessica is sweet and she becomes your friend. I like how comfortable the chairs are. It makes the time go by faster when you are in a big comfy recliner. Everyone treats you nice and you’re not only a face in the crowd. I highly recommend Palmetto Infusion to anyone who needs to get their treatment done. My infusion nurse is my friend. I can’t say enough about how nice they are. So ask your doctor to get you into Palmetto Infusion. You will not be disappointed in this place. It’s like you spend three hours with friends instead of just a face. The love and care that Jessica shows all her patients is so genuine.
Amy G.
I have had good results with my Remicade treatment. The staff here in West Columbia, SC is very warm and sincere. They answer all my questions with straight forward, no nonsense responses. I wish all offices were run this way.
Henry S.
I have received infusions of Remicade administered by Palmetto Infusion for over 15 years. The staff, (doctors, nurses, greeters), have always been extremely professional while still being friendly. I actually look forward to my visits (sessions) and sometimes they are so nice; they make me feel like a celebrity. At 75 years old, that is an important encounter.
Carolyn B.
Coming to Palmetto Infusion is a treat to me. When I go there I always feel like I am someone special. The girls always have a smile on their faces. They can answer any questions I have. I like the options of being out in the big room with everyone or in a room. If I just want to sleep I can or talk to someone I can. The girls are always kind and make sure I get everything I need. It is just a great relaxing place to go. I think the worst part is the scale. It always hurts my feelings but sometimes you just have to do it. It is a clean place and a comfy place. It takes 4 hours of my life every 8 weeks and since I have to have Remicade, this is the place I want to have it.  It feels like home to me. If I am having a bad day they make it better. Thanks girls for being there for me.
Vickie B.
I am a patient at Palmetto Infusion in Anderson, SC and I have been coming for about 6 or 8 months. The physicians and nurses are wonderful. They are professional but also kind, caring and considerate. They always want you to be comfortable and also answer any questions one might have. They check on each patient frequently and ask if you need anything. I consider them friends now as well as the terrific professionals they are.
Sarah T.
I have been taking Remicade since 2003 and I am very impressed with Palmetto Infusion in every way.Joyce S.

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